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Content: The content and information displayed on The Psychological Game are for informational purposes only. It is not our intention to provide medical advice, nor tell people how to think or live. We simply give access to information, and deliver our requested views. We take no responsibility nor accept any liability for any choices they make or actions they take. Visitors are here at their own discretion. Free Will.

Video content: Not all video content uploaded to The Psychological Game is necessarily our view. The majority of videos on The Psychological Game are produced by us, however there are occasions when videos produced by others are uploaded to the site. If a video doesn't have our logo in it, then it falls under this category and is only us assisting with offering an additional place for the voices of these individuals to be heard. Being uploaded to the site doesn't necessarily mean we agree with it, however we do agree with the concept of freedom of speech. So long as those views don't encourage illegal activities or harm to others we offer a place for voices restricted by big tech platforms to be heard.

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