What we are about

Welcome to The Psychological Game. The Psychological Game's website is based on exactly what the title says. "Psychological Games", and how to recognize (be aware of) and deal with them in life. Psychological games tend to be based on trickery and covert deception. This means mental manipulation, and sadly you live in a world full of it. From media, entertainment, websites, companies, businesses, religions, the educational system, big tech accounts and agreements to even comments from those who frequent social media platforms. Not to mention neighbours/neighbors, friends, intimate relationships, and even family members. It's a world where everything from individuals to groups & organizations are constantly attempting to get something out of you they'd never get if they revealed their true intent. Basically it's a world of disguises worn by individuals you'd never cater to if the masks they wear were pulled off.

Since most masks are worn due to the thing they seek always having to deal with getting your energy, it means it's a world of parasites & vampirism. That energy they seek can come in many forms, from financial to sexual to undeserved support, and even making one an accomplice to acts they'd never engage in under normal circumstances. The saddest thing of all is when those who wear masks get their victims into a position where they can remove those masks with you being helplessly incapable of doing anything about their behaviour. This is why so many abusive and violent relationships exist. One partner gets another in a position difficult to get out of. Helping make a change with this is what we've been requested to do. Sadly the average mask is mental. The average bank robber wearing a literal mask is more honest with their true intent than the average politician on a podium showing their face. The robber comes to get your money once. The average politician comes for four to eight years and big tech scammers seek to rob you for life. Being aware of it and not falling prey to the psychological scams of life is what The Psychological Game is about. Knowing the difference between good & evil is vital. Especially since good will never claim to be evil, however evil's consistently claiming to be good. Is that a superhero behind that mask or a burglar? The Psychological traits are quite easy to indentify once one knows the game.

As for this website, please aware that The Psychological Game was created by request. It was not created by individuals with material to throw up simply for traffic. Nor do we care about growth (being well known) or any foolish narcissistic or deceptive traits so many online display these days. It's simply a back up tool and a place to go when freedom of expression is blocked. Where this site goes is up to those who've requested it...not us. The purpose of the site (at this time) is to freely express and answer requests and questions without restrictions due to big tech's censorship and lack of respect for the first amendment and human right to freedom of speech. In a nutshell, it was created due to their psychological games.

With all said above, we're not here to give professional nor medical advice. As true Players in the game of life, those who ask us questions or request our views do so simply out of the desire to know how we view and operate with life's adversities from a Player's perspective. Often these seem quite unorthodox yet affective as well as effective. Players view and operate in accordance with the laws of nature rather than cultural trends or the rules of men.

Please note that any support is appreciated; however be aware that we're here for freedom of expression, and not political correctness. There'll be no restrictions on how we express or what we'll show so long as it's legal. Any censored professionals with anything vital to express may freely contact us to have their views uploaded here. As long as it's legal and legit you're welcome to express it. We hope all get the drift, and in closing of this brief summary we'd simply like to end it by saying ..."Welcome to The Psychological Game"...& God Bless.